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Annual Guides and campaign design

The University of London Housing Services (ULHS) offers a range of services to assist and support students and staff at contributing colleges who are looking for and living in private accommodation in London.

We have been working with ULHS since 2011. SJ Creative are often asked to help create engaging campaign material to increase engagement and participation at their events. We also produce their annual guides, the Private Housing Guide and at the Accommodation Guide, each summer in time for the new intake of students for the new Academic Year.

If you are looking to produce a large guide or handbook for your services, a product catalogue or need to make your events stand out and increase engagement, then please get in touch. Call us on 01763 448993, or email us through our contact page.

Project Details

ClientUniversity of London Housing Services
Date | Since January 2011
SkillsDesign for print, Design for web & social media, Print management, Infographics

We are very happy with the work Simon does for us.  With several events to promote and publications to distribute each year, we appreciate the quality and variety of designs he produces, as well as the speed with which he can turn a project around.

Edward Rees

Housing Advisor, University of London Housing Services

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